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RTP Halloween October 16, 2007

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Violet and BC are having their annual Halloween party on Sat Oct 27th. Any sack in the area is welcome to come. Of course, cthulhu is expected, again. Email me for more details.

More Lendables Info October 2, 2007

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Some follow-up info about Lendables for those interested:

First, I fixed the permissions problem that was preventing you from actually posting to the sub-albums. Oops, sorry!

Second, here is the list of who currently has access to the Lexington album. If you aren’t on the list and want to be, or if you want a new city created, let me know: chime, dbday, elric, scromp, shanon, snadra, squatch, tjdotson

Third, I am looking into setting up RSS feeds, but they appear to be complicated within gallery, so I’m not sure if I can get them working the way I want. If I do, I’ll let you know.

Finally, for those who might want to see what this whole deal looks like but who don’t currently have access, here are some sample screenshots to satisfy your curiosity:

Here’s the main Lexington album, which contains sub-albums for categories:
Sample Lendables City Page
Here’s one of the category pages, which contains individual items, each of which is marked with an owner:
Sample Lendables Category Page

Here’s a sample item page, which includes a description about the item and/or its uses:
Sample Lendables Item Page

back to the old-skool

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Old channels have changed. Feel free to create your own new ones.

and some others have been changed…

thanks for playing

– hate

Blog accessibility October 1, 2007

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I hope not to start a trend of posting for every Wordpress plugin or theme we install on blogs.sackheads.org, but I just wanted to point out that by activating the iWPhone plug-in, it will automatically format your blog into a iPhone/iPod-touch friendly page (and leave your current theme in place for non-geeky readers).

I’ve enabled it on this blog and my blog and I encourage others to enable it on their blogs.



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Even though it’s technically been around a while, my laziness and the temporary blog outage this year have contributed to my failure to announce to you all that we now have… “Lendables”

A new album has been added to the sack gallery called Lendables. This album contains photos of things that people own that are particularly likely to be borrowed by others. In other words, suppose you need a chafing dish for a party, but you don’t know who has one you can borrow? Or suppose you just got a new tile saw and are willing to loan it out to anyone who might need it? Lendables is the place that can let you do just that.

Since you probably only want to borrow from someone in your city, the main Lendables album is sub-divided into city albums. We have currently only set up Lexington, but we can easily create albums for any city with enough interest. Just ask snadra.

As a further security measure, the albums are all protected and are only viewable if you 1) are logged in and 2) have been granted access. This was done in order to avoid having Web strangers know of all the goodies that are sitting in your garage. Initial access has been given to some folks who we thought would use it… more access can easily be granted. Again, just ask snadra.

Once you get into an album to view its contents, you’ll see that items are grouped by category (ex: “Tools”, “Toys and Games”, and “Party supplies”). If you don’t see a category for what you need, feel free to create it. Please be sure to identify yourself as owner of the item and give a brief description of it. If you have any questions or problems… well, ask snadra :)