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WordPress Upgrade August 19, 2008

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Just completed a WordPress upgrade. Please check your blogs and get back to me if you find any issues.

This was a pretty major upgrade, and you’ll likely notice a lot of changes on the admin panel.


SackConfig April 20, 2008

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In case you ever wondered how the sackheads nameserver.net setup works so beautifully, Ian recently documented the hell out of it.

Haybaler moving again April 4, 2008

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Apologies for the late notice, but come this Sunday, haybaler is once more on the move.  Not going too far this time, just 12 miles to an actual datacenter in Boston. Downtime will be on the order of an hour or two assuming all goes to plan.

SackVPN mods February 7, 2008

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If you are a SackVPN user, you can now also use transpontine.scromp.net:22 as a server to get around even more draconian firewalls.. To get there, you may need to have your netblock added to our firewall, or use ipscromp, but that is just a minor detail.

All you need to do is change the ‘remote’ line in your sackvpn.conf

Update: This also runs on :443 now, with no firewalling.

back to the old-skool October 2, 2007

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Old channels have changed. Feel free to create your own new ones.

and some others have been changed…

thanks for playing

– hate

Blog accessibility October 1, 2007

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I hope not to start a trend of posting for every Wordpress plugin or theme we install on blogs.sackheads.org, but I just wanted to point out that by activating the iWPhone plug-in, it will automatically format your blog into a iPhone/iPod-touch friendly page (and leave your current theme in place for non-geeky readers).

I’ve enabled it on this blog and my blog and I encourage others to enable it on their blogs.


BATV – no more invalid bounces August 29, 2007

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BATV implemented on haybaler. baconhouse and joshua to follow. Give mad props to Cheesy. Doesn’t mean much to you? Keep reading.

As many of the sack friends and family are aware, spammers like to forge legitimate domains in their spam runs which can cause massive amounts of blowback (spam bounced by the recipients, with the bounces going to the forgery victim).

This is where BATV comes to the rescue. BATV is a means of ensuring that you only receive bounces of emails that you actually sent.

The implementation of BATV on the sack infrastructure can best be described as “crowbar’d in”. This means that unless you send your mail through haybaler (via port 25 or 587 – NOT via /usr/sbin/sendmail) you will not get ANY bounces at all.

I’ll just take this opportunity to remind you about the mail relay configuration document on the Wiki.

baconhouse rides again! August 27, 2007

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After a good long vacation, baconhouse has been rehomed in Lexington, KY at the Blue One / Openworld NOC. Thanks to Adam R. for the long and heftily-piped stay at Telehouse!

So the blogs (obviously), gallery, and all the rest are back and working, along with a number of upgrades that are complete and some others yet to come.

sidereal transit of baconhouse June 19, 2007

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After a good long (and cheap) run at 25 Broadway, NYC, we are sadly forced to find a new home for baconhouse. This is going to happen, uh, rather soon. Like next week, probably. This move will involve a shipping company, which means the outage will last for several days at least, and it will affect the gallery, the wiki, the blogs, VPN connections, and some other things. IRC will have some burps but will recover, and DNS should be mainly unaffected.

Will post again if more details are available, but … you might not see it, since this is hosted there too.

feedsack: allahu sackbar

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Let’s try this again. I think the lack of RSS penetration killed it the last time.

I feel like we need a more central place to keep track of goings-on in general, summits, parties, outages, plans changing, life events, mario kart ds championships, and so on. IRC can be so fragmented and randomly attended to that it does little to actually communicate these kinds of things, so we’ll post them here.

This blog is intended to gather all these kinds of things together in one place that people can subscribe to with an RSS reader, and anyone with a blogs.sackheads.org id is free to post here. Just ask me to add you (and send me your id..)

(similarly, anyone without a blogs.sackheads.org id is welcome to ask for one.)

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